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The Olympian - The Complete Vehicle Turntable Display

211 Province Street, Franklin, IN 46131

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The Olympian

The Complete Vehicle Turntable Display


Vehicle Turntable

The Olympian

The Olympian Vehicle Turntable Display

6,000 LB. Capacity

Portable Automotive Turntable Display

16' Turntable - Price: Request Quote

19' Turntable - Price: Request Quote

Vehicle Turntable

Attractive, Low Profile, Stable Full Platform Revolve

If it is a full platform revolve you are looking for, then The Olympian Vehicle Turntable may fit the bill. Available with a diameter of 4.5m/14ft 9in, the Olympian is totally finished with an attractive deck and static curb surround. The Olympian has carved a distinctive niche for itself in showrooms, exhibitions and shows across the world because it combines elegance with ease of installation. When you need to draw attention to something really special, The Olympian is the ultimate in sophistication.

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